chequia4 My World: Our secret

I take this opportunity afforded Gigantes -some of my reference publications for more than 20 years- to give my view about the wonderful experience we've had in the FIBA World Championship.

And, this time, will you allow me to begin by the end. The past is history. A wonderful story but in our dictionary complacency has no place. So I prefer to start with this.
We still will take a time to value the achievements this summer. It has been an intense championship and very fast. With a game system that did not benefit us, but while it's time to realize what we have achieved would like to tell me what I feel right now and what I would like to pass on to my team. And when I say team I mean everyone. Media, leaders, supporters, sponsors and institutions, of course, fellow coaches and players, the most important thing.

I feel that this group always has the feeling of arriving, never have arrived. I believe that greatness for a team is on the road to the goal and girls: we have not finished our work.
This silver medal was just one more step in a journey that began in Nordlingen (Germany) where we got out of the pit of Preuropeo in 2012 and earn the right to compete at EuroBasket France while we watched the Olympics in London by tele helplessly.

For this achievement, which we certainly had a great merit-was nothing more than a boost to continue working without giving anything of course. We set the counter to zero. We respect every opponent max because prove you're better than other team there is only one way to do it: on the pitch.

So outperform rivals on paper had better players than us, but as a team failed to improve. There was born the spirit of the 'mosca cojonera' brilliantly coined by Elisa Aguilar and memorable speeches on buses before games. Her teamate, the great Amaya Valdemoro, and she got the best touch to his spectacular career with a gold medal for the memories but we were not completely satisfied. We wanted more

We started preparing this summer to challenge us all. With much pain we had to make changes, discards and decide to work on a new version of the team. How difficult is it when parts of success!. But "win after win" is one of my obsessions and grandeur as we handle our basketball is a large group of players who are in the orbit of the team and know that at any moment can go back into the team. Unfortunately we can’t bring 20 players to a championship.

We come to Turkey where our first goal was to pursue happiness on a basketball court. And we feel that it can only be reached from teamwork. From the "service of us"
Some called me weeping by my statements after the results of the draw. But honestly I still think we could have lost to any of the three opponents in the first phase. Japan, Brazil and the Czech Republic there are three great teams and you saw the games -thanks for being there- checked what it cost them forward. The large final results were due to hunger and ambition unrepeatable players captained masterfully Laia Palau. A player with a personality that I love and who embodies the values of humility and work I always like to have on a team.

The story crosses models assumed a step further. That team grew to become larger every day. With the support of Ana Muñoz motivated us with his words after the quarterfinals, José Luis Sáez who was with us from day one, which filled us with pride and responsibility, Angel Palmi, with discretion, provided had the right word at the right time and all that in one way or another were kind enough to support us from Turkey or from a distance after follow through Teledeporte broadcasts. To all of you we are all thankful I did participate in this way.

I would like to reserve a special mention for the media. You starting with who were there with us Ricardo, Alex, Javi, Sergio and Elena and followed by all who followed us at a distance. Sounding freely. Whatever your opinion. For us that you work in Women's Basketball is a victory and we want you to continue doing that work to re-exited our game.
So, after beating two powers like China and Turkey before 10,000 spectators, and feeling the pulse of the history of Spanish Basketball Women got to the final against the best team in history. The real "Dream Team" American. A team at the height of the selection of the 92 men with two of the best players in the history -for me Moore and Taurasi are the best- playing together and a legendary team with a great coach in the band.

We could not compete as we would have liked. A poor start to create them deprived us of the problems we had planned. But sport is. Do we give up and fought to the end. The result was only proof that we have a long road ahead.

Next year we will start at the Eurobasket 2015. I do not know what result we get but what we do know is that we will work to pursue excellence. We are looking forward to that time because our team is a family. It's not a cliché. That a number of professionals and those who have agreed on the selection work with generosity and dedication have done for me the primary backing and motivation to try again. It is the basis for finding happiness that we all seek, and that few get to see. It is our secret


luci Coaching women

I've 14 years of professional and have never had problems for these things. It takes normally. The validity for such a position is judged by the training of the person rather than their gender. To succeed as coach influencing factors such as efficiency, work or even the luck factor that no man or woman chosen.

These things are a bit confused and have have misunderstood the words of Toni Nadal. When you're training not think this issue and there is a code I'm with men and women. When a party does not just go in the shower because they can or you can say something hot you repent. The instructions are given in the locker room before the game or at rest.


untitled The prescriptions for success ... winning inertia

Assuming that each situation is different, each case requires similar treatment, but always with shades and also no magic bullets, try to name points that I think important, and that at least the years have worked for sometime hear the "click" we have been waiting all season the coaches, and we do not know when or how, but sometimes is produced and the automatic start in all, winning inertia exponential dynamics, the alchemy that turns the intangible into tangible, finally, commitment, enthusiasm, along with the talent and work, become winners inertia:

  1. Much of the success properly signing occurs both role players that support the structure, which combine perfectly with the players that make a difference ... The famous puzzle. Example, I sometimes wonder how the offensive rebound work, I always reply that in May-June, and then comment me, ah! in post-season, the answer is no, I work ... people going sogning offensive rebound
  2. Preseasson is very important, not only in tactical or physical, we know that at this time most of us the base to regulate the rest of the season is introduced, but, and I think very important, mutual understanding, channel creation and complicity be transmitting needs, and desires, feedback, key. It has long been invented "coaching", we called communication and empathy.
  3. Creating a play style, adapting PLAYERS YOU HAVE, which is above systems attack or defense. Creating an identity, rewarding initiative and encouraging talent, key points where grab in situations of extreme stress, creating a brand, a DNA which gives you security, confidence and doubt in the opponent ..
  4. Instilling the idea of "service to us," added egos, to subtract selfishness, be clear that nothing and no one is above the team, WHAT A WONDERFUL PLAYER, CAN NOT ONLY AGAINST A GREAT TEAM.
  5. Gran tactical global work that allows us, without leaving our style, pose different tactical nuances, especially on defense, to different opponents, that allows you to have and do, different game plans, having flexibility in them, growing exponentially in reading and confidence.
  6. Defining roles from the beginning, without cutting the wings, but made ​​absolutely clear, in addition to transmitting the most important player of the game is, and we're here to help, we are their 'advisors' confidence.
  7. Luck of Champions ... or something similar...

presentacion The service to us and the "FEB Method"

Many times we have won titles without having the best roster but having the best team. This is achieved by listening a lot to the players. You have to know how they think. That are involved and that each is prepared to assume responsibility in the moment of truth. They have always told me I'm accessible and I have not done so badly. Accessibility is a way to earn respect not to lose it.

Another key to this performance selections FEB method is called. That is nothing but bring together the great work of clubs, commanding officers of the federation and the Angel Palmi José Luis Sáez ship.

But we are physically worse with 10-11 years as we do, for example, Spain championships where children are searched more talent and compete to win at this age. From there the FEB gets to the top 30 the following and with a third sieve is made. To compete based only learn from trying. When other countries start at 14 and we took advantage of them. Therein lies the famous Spanish fury ...


4 The importance of enjoying the road

I've been coaching since 86 and 87. I started as a professional in 2001 in LF2 and arrived to salamanca after being runners-up in Thailand U19 World. We won the Supercopa to Ros in their home, the League in their court and Euroleague after deleting semifinals and a Russian team.

The following year the European Super Cup and the Queen Cup getting all titles. Also won the U20 EuroBasket Russia in Serbia and my agent will get offers from Russia and China. I thought he was joking when he was with the senior team in the pre-European and it was a challenge and a unique experience. So I jumped into the adventure. After that won the gold medal with the senior team and a new league championship in China. Duration of the wave and enjoy the journey. The goal is not important, but enjoy the walk.


1359222950354 The working style in China

They predominate the amount and volume of work over quality. When you submit an invisible training do not believe it. There have to train morning, noon and night. Don’t listen to you. They like you hear but actually not decision makers. In public you can not go against the owner or the sport director. And also costs them privately.