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Encouraging Debut

After beating Lithuania, turn to Slovakia

Spain began its participation at the EuroBasket in Hungary and Romania as France ended its participation in 2013. The selection of Lithuania passed oak which drowned leaving in just 5 points scored in the first quarter. Despite initial nerves the team was based on an effective defense leaving his opponent in much lower numbers to habiotual

The coach knows that this is only a first step on a long path that must be "tightly controlled emotions to not distract us from our mission. We know that the goal is difficult but we want to go step by step to go burning stages with smejores possible sensations" said Mondelo

In addition Mondelo responded to the need to reinvent theirselves with new resources during the tour giving many minutes Astou N'Dour who finished his debut in a competitive match after the absence of Sancho Lyttle. Mondelo know that "Sancho is not here. Astou is another player that can bring many things. We must keep in mind that she's only 21 years old and she's learning yet. But the team is united to face any situation with self service we as the maxim "