50 international games

Lucas Mondelo is already the best Coach in history winning percentage

46 over 50. Lucas Mondelo celebrated his 50th as senior coach with a tough challenge to match. He has only lost 4 games in three years, of which only one was in official competition (World Cup final against the best US history).

An impressive record that apart from the 92% of victories has given Spain the European Gold and Silver World although when the Catalan coach took the team this came from was eliminated in the first round of EuroBasket in Poland.


Mondelo was "proud of these 50 games. It's been very fast and gives a little dizzy see what we have achieved. The go step by step allows you to not look out too for these details. It will be impossible to repeat that record but we will work to arrive other 50 games as coach. It will be a good signal as it will carry the team win many games and is competing in all possible championships "