Coach of the year in China

Spanish Coach has again been chosen Coach of the Year in the WCBA (China League). An award granted prestigious international web The national team manager and was named best female coach in Europe in 2012 and Asia in 2013 and 2014.

New recognition Mondelo Lucas has been chosen as best coach of the Chinese league for the third consecutive season after returning to conquer the most prestigious Asian basketball title.

The Sorting Spanish, European champions and vice world champion in table honor of the Chinese league in sharing honors as Maya Moore (MVP) and players Brittney Griner, Lu Wen, Chen Xiaojia and Sylvia Fowles in the quintet of the season.

For the national team manager to return to Spain in late March "This award is a special recognition as this season has been the most complicated in China" Mondelo believes that "each year has brought a new challenge and a new learning process in a very different culture to ours" The coach stays with the ability to "win after win. Something that we implemented with the Women's team and that is probably the biggest challenge in the life of an athlete" While considered to have improved "the ability to listen to others and control situations. I have learned to listen twice what I mean, while the reverse was before. The player needs to feel heard and participate in team work. For me this has been one of the keys to success this season"