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I fell in love the spirit of this Team

Lucas Mondelo faces the first games of the national team with the peace that gives "the intensity, enthusiasm and work of a spectacular group of players"

How are you approaching the Team of friendly route?
After a few intense days of training and the commitments the players have something loaded legs because, although we have done physical work on demand, even we had to curb his excessive desire. They were very motivated, but we have to respect the working time in order to grow. Our aim is to go well in the European Championship and reach optimal key to try to achieve the goal of being among the top five finishers and get the ticket for the Olympic qualifying matches

After being European champions and runners-up of the World is this team has room for growth?
This team is always coming. I can not shake this feeling so positive head and I hope that does not fail. While we continue to hungry, playing to improve every day and respecting rivals will be very difficult to win. We want to be able to compete with any challenge, every day.

What we find in the first tournament of preparation?
Three of the seven or eight best teams in Europe are also shot. Come play games. Greece even beat Latvia, making it clear what their potential. They take more than us right now going, but now do not care about the results. We play to follow a plan of preparation but still work to win all three games if they get within range. We do not like to miss Parcheesi.

Will we see a different version of Spain?
This year we will control most of the players the time without changing roles but seeking to maintain a high rate of intensity on offense and defense.

What the game selection will be based?
We will rely on the rotation of the ball and looking for "extra pass" while defending seek cause the error rival. For that we need to be cool-minded and raise cheating tactics, play with different quintets... We are working very well. I like the spirit of this team. So I am calm. With this work, intensity and enthusiasm will not miss opportunities to be competitive.