Immaculate regular season

Mondelo's Spain amazed at the EuroBasket 2015

The Spain 3.0 of Lucas Mondelo still amazed at the EuroBasket in Hungary and Romania. With a team depleted by the absence of his MVP in the last two championships, Sancho Lyttle, the team has returned to reinvent coral with a game, even if possible, and a defense capable of disabling a few rivals have made him front.

Spain is enjoying the way, falling to desperate fans and rivals. Accepting any challenge and taking forward matches against all kinds of opponents. Although there is still the greatest challenge: to pass the dreaded quarter-final against Montenegro.


11/06: Lituania - ESPAÑA (58-72)
13/06: ESPAÑA - Eslovaquia (82-81)
14/06: Hungría - ESPAÑA (46-69)
15/06: ESPAÑA - Suecia (64-60)

18/06: Croacia - ESPAÑA (52-95)
20/06: Serbia - ESPAÑA (80-91)
22/06: ESPAÑA - Rusia (66-57)