mondelo saluda

It will be the most difficult year

Lucas Mondelo is excited about the new challenge of the team at the EuroBasket in Hungary and Romania.

"We started from scratch every championship and that's what keeps us up at the end. This year will be a bit more complicated because they no longer surprised anyone, we all want to win and this year, it's pre-Olympic, all players are with their national teams and all teams have nationalized someone for this championship" said Lucas Mondelo in presenting the national team.

"The difficulty will be higher, but in the end you have to plow the field with oxen you have. I only ask that the players are healthy, motivated and fight for everything. What must be clear it is that the goal is to qualify for the Games and for that we must finish in the top five, four will play the pre-Olympic champion and qualify directly. From there we can roof as us" he continued the current runner of the World.

"We have to keep our transition game from an effectiveness sixty percent thanks to our defense, that's something no one has. What prepare ago is allowing us to run and run is our way of being, it is part of our idiosyncrasy . We have to improve in static attack by our lack of centimeters, but where we have a significant margin improvement, as they say in football, is the theme of the game to stand, that is, funds and bands ball. Here we only have 25 percent effective and can increase it to 35 and thereby compensate your any trap being put rivals" said Mondelo.

Regarding the presence of Sancho Lyttle in the team, the coach left the door open to any possibility. "The availability of Sancho in Spain has always been high, always you want to be with the team and is now trying to fix issues with your team in the WNBA, as happens to male players. She is trying by all means come and I have hopes he can be with us, but we will not know until some time" Lucas Mondelo ended.