Maya Moore: Lucas is a winner

She’s the best player in the world and moves through challenges. To play for Lucas Mondelo order to win again is one of them.

In an interview with Basket World Tour the best player on the planet talks about the National Coach of she  think is “definitely very passionate about basketball. He loves coaching, he loves his players. I like the energy that he brings us every day. He’s joker. I didn’t know how prankster he was. When I had playing against him my first year in Spain he always looked very serious. But worse once you meet him you realize the Joker he’s. He likes to laugh and make people smile. All the people loves him. But he’s also a winner. He loves to compete and I love to play for coaches who like wins, for success”

Moore reveals that Mondelo “cares about his players. It’s been fun fight this battle with him as coach in the last three seasons but this is not over yet”