Mondelo's way highlighted by Gigantes

The magazine highlights the work of Coach with the EuroBasket 2015 next challenge under title "Win after win"

The Spanish National Coach Lucas Mondelo has come full circle by winning his third consecutive title in China and be elected Coach of the Year in Asia. Having won all possible competitions in Basket female, both in clubs and Selections, faces what may be the biggest challenge of his career: Win after win with Spain in the EuroBasket in Hungary and Romania which opens the season Teams in June.

Some are already calling the King Midas, the Marco Polo International Spanish Basket, being the only foreign coach in history able to succeed in a totally different culture as Asian for three consecutive seasons. And it's no wonder. Lucas Mondelo has achieved in the last five league, domestic cup, Euroleague, AllStars and Super Cups in Europe and Asia with its two clubs reference (Perfume Avenue in Spain and Shanxi Rui Flame in China) while their "team spirit" Spain, led to a young generation to the European and World Gold Silver Universe becoming fashionable woman in Spanish basketball.

But now comes the major challenge. That no one has succeeded. Win after win. Mondelo faces almost no time to disconnect planning EuroBasket 2015 with an expensive ticket to the Olympics at stake -only champion has ensured the presence at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Difficulty added from the story. No one but the former USSR, when Spain was known still more like CCCP, managed to win two European consecutively.

In our Marco Polo is not afraid pulse, but is realistic and encrypts the difficulty to "maintain humility and competitive spirit that has accompanied us over the years. The initial goal is not to take anything for granted. Doubt everything. Return to start to emerge that chemistry. That spirit who gave us the pioneers of 63 or who left us a legacy Amaya Valdemoro and Elisa Aguilar. We learned to take advantage in France and in Turkey and now we want to see if we can get it again. Where will we get? The competition will put us on our site. The past should stay in Space 2014 there keep it in an extraordinary way"

There are five additional seats that give ticket for the Olympic qualifying and that seems to be the status that the selection should be renewed at least objective. Mondelo reveals that "our President José Luis Sáez only asks us to be true to ourselves and we do not leave anything inside. His passion is contagious and we all have a commitment to him for what he is doing with the ‘Universo Mujer’ and the World Cup 2018. He and Angel Palmi, are each championship with us. They are part of the team and that is another value we put on the table to keep dreaming. The only thing I ask is that they may all sound. The rest of the way we draw ourselves with humility but without compromise Guide"