Our secret is in the herd

Interesting interview with La Razón where Mondelo talks to some of the secrets of the NT

Mondelo has no folds. It’s frank, direct and clear in his speech. A clarity that moves to the rink where acknowledges in an interview that "the strength of the team is in the group, in the herd"

The Spanish coach three times champions in China acknowledges that "Being a coach is an honor, it's something unique. Of all the coaches in the country only I have the privilege to lead this team. Club coaching is some work, in quotes. Both are rewarding. It's good to be coach and club selection if you allow time, because you keep sparks. It's like with the players. When one takes time without playing, it is noted"

While on his team he believes that "We are a team rather than a selection and that gives us a special strength of the privileged other physical equipment. And this group is constantly reinvented. I feel that these players are always moving and that's good. There is respect for the opponent, keen to win at. For they are not European champions or runners-up in the world, when Lithuania opposite the first day we are nobody. We'll see what we are at the end. This group wants to win after win and are very clear that the self is at the service of us. We know that everyone has wanted and we know that the shirt does not win games"