The press calls Mondelo "King Midas"

Rain praise on the path of fashion coach in the Spanish Basketball

The third consecutive title in China of Lucas Mondelo league has led a flurry of awards in the Spanish press has not hesitated to call the coach as King Midas Spanish basketball.

Mondelo, who will join the national team with which he is Gold in Europe and Silver World Champion has had media reports as MARCA, Mundo Deportivo, 20 minutos, El País or El Mundo as well as in major Radio and Spanish Television next summer and faces a new challenge with the dispute of EuroBasket 2015 in front of the current champions.

"The successes of Mondelo have done that compares with King Midas of world women's basketball. Midas (Greek Μίδας called Mita in Assyrian sources) was a king of Phrygia who ruled in the period from 740 a. C. and 696 a. C .. In Greek mythology Dionysus granted Midas the power to turn everything he touched into gold. For five years, there is also a King Midas in the sport of the basket. His three consecutive Chinese women's league that Shanxi just got to add to the Euroleague, Spanish Liga, two Super Cups of Spain, one European Super Cup and Copa de la Reina already had with Perfume Avenue. In addition, we must add the silver medal in the World 2014 and the gold medal in the Eurobasket 2013 with the Spanish Women Absolute, and gold and silver with the Selection U20 Spanish Women in the Europe 2010 and 2011 and Silver with U19 in the World 2009, where he became defeat America"