Women Euroleague Champion

Second time in his career champion in Yekaterimburg

Lucas Mondelo has once again demonstrated that he’s one of the best coaches in the Woman Basketball getting his second Euroleague, this time with Dynamo of Kursk, again in Yekaterimbourg (Russia).
He didn’t star like on the pools of favourites, not for budget, neither for his bracket in Euroleague F4. But Lucas Mondelo returnned to get again the first competition in Europe after beating Prague of Laia Palau and Marta Xargay in semifinals (87-80) and again Fenerbahçe in a exciting Final (77-63).
Moncelo closes an incredible circle winning all possible competitions in clubes and national teams, wher just the United States has pushed of him from Olympic and World glory.
The Spanish coach believes that “the key was in aleternatives defenses and rotation. We played a 3-2 defense and they weren’t be able to do their job. We hurt them on this way” . The Spanish National Team head coach talked about “the confidence of the President and board of directors in Kursk. They resigned me after losing the Russian Cup and that point was very important for me. Now, after playing for the league championship we’ll have a new difficult challenge and we’ll have to start from scratch if we want to return to be there again”.
Talking about his partnership with Anna Cruz he believes that “she’s a player whosm I understand really well for ages. She has shown, specially in last years, she is a great player with her performances in National Team, WNBA and Euroleague".