Won Avenida, won the basketball

The Coach of the National team has not lost detail of what happened in Torrejón through FEBtv and Teledeporte.

For Lucas Mondelo "Avenida’s victory has done justice to that seen in these two days of intense basketball, but Conquero stood very close to a surprise what has made the real winner in this cup is the Women's Basketball"

The coach didn’t lose detail "of the semifinals thanks to the spectacular display of FEBtv a marathon that had me glued to the computer almost 8 hours and through Teledeporte in a final game that was not decided until the last minute"

Mondelo thanked "the participation and importance of national players in the teams that have played in this competition. Both finalists and semifinalists there have been international players and others who are working very well and have shown what they can with many minutes ahead"