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Alba Torrens
  • WC Bronze

    The most difficult medal in Spain. With a team plenty of injuries and defeating the ‘giant’ Cambage

  • EouroBasket Gold

    A new unbelievable success leading a team that dominates the European Basketball

  • Euroleague Champion

    Second Euroleague in his history, in Yekaterimburg again, but this time with Dynamo of Kursk

  • Silver Olimpic Medal

    Brilliant Silver Medal in Río Olimpic Games just behind the U.S. Dream Team

  • Bronze in Hungary EuroBasket

    Gets place for the Olympic qualifiers and Bronze Medal with the team that won more games (9-1)

  • Third Ring in China

    Win his third consecutive ring after beating 3-1 Griner’s Beijing

  • World Silver in Turkey

    Drives Spanishs Team to the best result in its history with the World Silver in Turkey only behind USA in the Final

  • China Champion League

    Lucas Mondelo league champion China was proclaimed in 2014 after defeating Beijing 3-1

  • Gold in France EuroBasket

    Take the senior team to conquer the European Gold in France 20 years later to the host and Olympic runner.

  • Serbia U20 Gold

    After winning all matches proclaimed European Champion U20 U20 team anteroom

  • China Champion League

    In its debut year in China, with a newly promoted team, surprises everyone winning the league despite having no Chinese international.

  • Spanish Queen Cup Champion

    Enter the competition history of ‘KO’ defeating in the end to a magical Ros Casares closing cycle.

  • European SuperCup

    Win the last title that was missing from the perfumeries Avenue as superchampion Europe.

  • EuroLeague Yekaterimbourg

    At home, in the semifinals after eliminating favorite, Ros Casares, Avenue Perfume touches the sky in Yekaterinburg.

  • European U20 silver by a shot

    A shot missing from Spain to climb to the top of the podium with a Russia that had no possession to win.

  • Spanish League Champion

    Close to an unforgettable year winning the league title away to eternal rival, Ros Casares.

  • Spanish SuperCup

    Starts the season surprising the Ros Casares home and winning the SuperCup of Spain.

  • U19 WorldCup Silver

    Mondelo jumps to the international arena after beating one of the best teams in the history of USA in the World Cup in Thailand. In the end he could not repeat left Xargay feat though as MVP.