The prescriptions for success ... winning inertia


Assuming that each situation is different, each case requires similar treatment, but always with shades and also no magic bullets, try to name points that I think important, and that at least the years have worked for sometime hear the "click" we have been waiting all season the coaches, and we do not know when or how, but sometimes is produced and the automatic start in all, winning inertia exponential dynamics, the alchemy that turns the intangible into tangible, finally, commitment, enthusiasm, along with the talent and work, become winners inertia:

  1. Much of the success properly signing occurs both role players that support the structure, which combine perfectly with the players that make a difference ... The famous puzzle. Example, I sometimes wonder how the offensive rebound work, I always reply that in May-June, and then comment me, ah! in post-season, the answer is no, I work ... people going sogning offensive rebound
  2. Preseasson is very important, not only in tactical or physical, we know that at this time most of us the base to regulate the rest of the season is introduced, but, and I think very important, mutual understanding, channel creation and complicity be transmitting needs, and desires, feedback, key. It has long been invented "coaching", we called communication and empathy.
  3. Creating a play style, adapting PLAYERS YOU HAVE, which is above systems attack or defense. Creating an identity, rewarding initiative and encouraging talent, key points where grab in situations of extreme stress, creating a brand, a DNA which gives you security, confidence and doubt in the opponent ..
  4. Instilling the idea of "service to us," added egos, to subtract selfishness, be clear that nothing and no one is above the team, WHAT A WONDERFUL PLAYER, CAN NOT ONLY AGAINST A GREAT TEAM.
  5. Gran tactical global work that allows us, without leaving our style, pose different tactical nuances, especially on defense, to different opponents, that allows you to have and do, different game plans, having flexibility in them, growing exponentially in reading and confidence.
  6. Defining roles from the beginning, without cutting the wings, but made ​​absolutely clear, in addition to transmitting the most important player of the game is, and we're here to help, we are their 'advisors' confidence.
  7. Luck of Champions ... or something similar...