The service to us and the "FEB Method"


Many times we have won titles without having the best roster but having the best team. This is achieved by listening a lot to the players. You have to know how they think. That are involved and that each is prepared to assume responsibility in the moment of truth. They have always told me I'm accessible and I have not done so badly. Accessibility is a way to earn respect not to lose it.

Another key to this performance selections FEB method is called. That is nothing but bring together the great work of clubs, commanding officers of the federation and the Angel Palmi José Luis Sáez ship.

But we are physically worse with 10-11 years as we do, for example, Spain championships where children are searched more talent and compete to win at this age. From there the FEB gets to the top 30 the following and with a third sieve is made. To compete based only learn from trying. When other countries start at 14 and we took advantage of them. Therein lies the famous Spanish fury ...